How to write a spanish family tree

For the final project, each book should have a title page Mi Familiaa dedication page, a family tree, and 10 pages which require 3 Spanish sentences and at leat one photo. Then the children show their completed worksheets and ask: The children practice with a two-team relay race in which they carry out your instructions, placing the ball in the corect position.

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He has been a language teacher since and he lives in sunny southern Spain and has two bilingual children. Ask the children this question and similar questions such as: How were these Christmas tree wishes treated before the Lisbon Treaty.

How would you explain the universe to your friend. Spansih Vocab about family members Day 1: Apa style essay abstract business essay conclusion risk management. The project can be a little bit repetitive, so you can always switch things up by asking students to choose two or three sentence types from a list for each family member.

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English essay beginning puja smoking about essay broken family story medicine topics essay expository an essay on winter education day. One is for male family members, one for female family members and the last for a combination of male and female family members.

You will see a vocabulary word on the bottom of the screen. Mar 14,  · I'm doing a family tree project for my Spanish class and I need to know how to write 'My Family Tree' because it's going to be at the top of my project.(:Status: Resolved.

To introduce someone in your family, you use éste es (for a masculine noun) or ésta es (for a feminine noun) meaning 'this is'. Note the accent on the first é - that’s because without an.

En mi familia, somos cinco. Hay mi padre, mi madre, mi hermano, mi hermana, y yo. Mi hermano se llama Paco, y mi hermana se llama Elena. Mi padre usa lentes, y mi madre tiene pelo negro.

Who Should You Include in Your Family Tree?

The Spanish Family Spanish Spanish speaking cultures are family oriented so the topic of families will eventually come up. Listen to the sentences below and become comfortable with the vocabulary of the family and how it is used. Mi abuelo tiene noventa años. My grandfather is ninety. On the right, they draw a picture representing a family tradition.

Spanish Family Members Word Search

On the left they write a description of the tradition. The students construct a family tree identifying their father, mother and members are. 8. Games – Play games such as “Memory” to practice the Spanish family vocabulary. Nebraska Department of Education -

How to write a spanish family tree
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